Friday, July 24, 2009

Fleur de lys

This is a commission piece. I had already done one for the lady as a wedding gift for her daughter. She liked it so much I had to do one for her, this time only the fleur de lys as a suncatcher. As I was piecing together, the 3 short bars near the bottom wanted to flip flop and not be stable. I tried thin flat copper pieces inbetween the pieces of glass and even on the outside, trying to stabilize the piece so as not to bend. Nothing worked, so I took 2 lengths of tinned copper wire and braced the piece on the back. I was afraid it would distract from the overall look, but it was the only thing that would work. It was challenging (beside the bracing problem) in that she gave me the piece of glass to make it from, and it was barely bigger than the end results. I only broke one piece cutting out, but I really do hate those inside curves. I don't use a saw, so sometimes it is difficult to get the shapes I want.

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