Monday, May 31, 2010

Tip of the week - Cutting Inside Curves

Inside curves are the most difficult cuts to score and break.  I still have difficulty breaking deep inside curves on the first try.  You might try the design on cheap clear glass (such as that used in picture frames) before trying on your actual pattern glass.

Trace your pattern piece onto glass, aligning outer edges of curve with edge of the glass.

Score the inside curve of the pattern piece.  Then make several smaller concave score lines on the outside of the design (similar to dress patterns when you have a seam line and a cutting line).

Using breaker or combination pliers, remove scallops, one at a time, beginning with the one closest to the edge of the glass.  Use a pulling action with the pliers rather than a downward motion.  Position jaws of pliers at either end of score line, not in the middle.

Continue to break away the scallops until you reach the initial sore line.  Remove it and proceed to score and break away the pattern piece from the larger glass sheet  (don't cut your entire pattern piece away from the larger piece of glass that you are using until you have cut this inside curve first.  There is less chance of breakage.)

This technique was (for the most part) quoted from Torlen & Shannon's "The New Stained Glass" book.  This book is a recommendation by me for the beginner stained glass artist.

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