Friday, November 1, 2013

The following is a post that was posted back in 2009.  Sadly, this very cross was placed in my 28 year old son's hand in his casket, before his burial in October of 2011.  He and I, the year before, placed one in the hand of his best friend from pre-kindergarten, when he passed away suddenly.

I have an interesting story about these crosses.  Several years ago, a neighbor of mine's 30 something son died.  Of course she, and the rest of the family were devastated.  She came to me as asked if I could make her a cross to put in her son's casket.  I promptly made 3 crosses, with beads attached.  One for the casket, one for her youngest son, and one for her.  They were a gift, free of charge to her showing my sympathy for her loss.  I believe she will associate that cross I gave her with comfort of feeling her son is being protected by a higher power, giving her some peace in her heart.

I have wanted to list some of these crosses on etsy, but haven't been able to make another since this time.  It is a very comforting gift for the family of a lost loved one.

I have another picture of this cross hanging, and a gorgeous blue cross (this was the cross JC and I put in Michael's hand in his casket). There is one more that was given to an uncle of mine, Roy, at a party for him.  Just very appropriate, I believe he liked it...he is now passed on also.

Fall is in the air...Wisdom comes with what you let go of, not what you hold onto.  The fall colors of this stained glass heart remind me of how wonderful crisp clear days makes me feel alive....

Actually, I will add Redbird too, doesn't it look like it's snowing outside?

The best styles and materials of early glasswork are to be found in churches where the purpose of the window was to enrich the building, creat emotion and depict scenes of Biblican history for the benefit of worshippers who could not read.

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