Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Spring is the time of the flowers.  The attached picture is of a tulip in the rain.  One of my most recent listing of small panels I added for sale on my etsy shop

Just a note for new glass artists about copper foil tape.  Copper foil tape comes in a variety of widths, the most common being 3/16", 7/32" and 1/4".  The width of tape on your glass determines how wide your solder line will be.  I prefer the 7/32" most of the time, as it is wide enough to hold the glass pieces together, but narrow enough that you notice the glass more than the solder.  If you buy Venture Tape, the color of the roll base determines the thickness (mil) of the tape.  I prefer the 1.5 mil (white roll base) because it is heavy duty enough that the soldered tape will not tear or crunch up with cleaning of the stained glass panel after soldering and during the polishing of the panel.

I prefer to use copper backed tape for glass that is opaque, and silver backed tape for clear or transparent glass and mirror.  The silver backed tape will tear easily if you don't use a thicker mil tape.


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